Aircraft Wing Components

Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin


The Lockheed Martin Company’s (LMCO) Marietta, GA location exclusively assembles C130J aircraft for the organization. Aircraft assembled through this facility must meet strict deadlines and quality requirements.


Lockheed sought an external supplier to handle the assembly of the large machined & fabricated structural aircraft wing components.

  • Must use FOD control and meet significant product quality certifications
  • Just in time delivery (JIT)
  • Over 10 years, needed 1120 kits including over 2000 wing components valued at $10M


Boneal Aerospace entered an agreement with LMCO to assemble their C130J wing kits; managed all large machined & fabricated structural aircraft wing components for OEM new aircraft production for LMCO for 10 years. Processed over $100M in inventory annually.


  • Consigned customer inventory
  • Supply Chain Management & Program Management
  • Product certification
  • Warehousing, Kitting, Order Fulfillment, and Logistics


Lockheed Martin Experienced:

  • Reduced warehouse facility costs
  • Reduced overhead warehousing manhours
  • Enabled transition of warehouse space to production stations
  • Introduced JIT processed & kitting to the production line
  • Boneal’s proprietary software allowed LMCO to track inventory and use live data for production floor forecasting