Schneider Electric

BONEAL carries the load for Schneider

SUCCESS STORY: Schneider Electric wins with BONEAL’s supply chain solutions.

Schneider Electric

Customer Need:
As demand for Schneider Electric products accelerated, Schneider sought BONEAL supply chain solutions to ensure supply of safety switch and load cell enclosures kept up with demand.

Project Summary:
Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, increased their internal focus on product technology and looked outward for supply chain solution to create safety switch and load cell enclosures. BONEAL carries the load for Schneider by translating product forecasts into a supply chain plan then building, managing, and shipping enclosures each day. True to our model of “Make. Manage. Move.”, BONEAL fabricates, assembles, certifies, maintains inventory, and pick/pack/ships over 50 products for daily customer delivery.

Schneider’s operations become more efficient with a customized BONEAL supply chain solution.

Result Summary:
By reducing need for capital equipment spending, reallocating factory floor space, reducing internal inspections (certifications of products are completed by BONEAL), and improving lead times, this project is an active success for both Schneider & BONEAL.