The BonealNet Platform

Business Management at your Fingertips

BonealNet is a proprietary suite of applications that effectively guides projects of various natures from beginning to end. The development began informally over twenty years ago when Boneal executives relied on a system of spreadsheets to track the movement of parts, paperwork and payments throughout a project’s life cycle. As complexity and expectations surrounding projects increased, Boneal adapted and developed the applications that comprise BonealNet.

By systematically organizing projects into individual components, BonealNet increases efficiency for Boneal internally and provides benefits to our customers externally. Currently, BonealNet is primarily used internally, but customers and suppliers also work with the software as needed. Continue to read through the page to learn more and contact us with any questions!

We created BonealNet to act as an intermediary that connects two parties. This guarantees that our clients and business partners receive exactly what they should every time. BonealNet was designed to handle any project that comes across our path. No matter what your project is, Boneal and the BonealNet system will be in the middle of the action, fostering a strong dynamic and positive environment for all parties involved.

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The Boneal Advantage

For us, BonealNet thoroughly breaks down a project to ensure that no part is overlooked and centralizes the organization of tasks. Boneal begins each project with an assessment using our proprietary software to ensure that we can successfully undertake a project. After this has been determined, the Boneal team is able to search our network of suppliers and business partners to minimize costs and plan a project down to the last detail. After the plan has been created and approved, our customers will begin to experience the benefits of BonealNet.

Customer Benefits

Due to the thoroughness of the first module of our software, customers can relax knowing that every step of their project has been taken care of. As module 2 begins, every task has been assigned, internally and externally, and those assignments have been communicated to the responsible parties. BonealNet prioritizes tasks, provides a status dashboard, and creates custom data linkages with our ERP system to ensure accuracy of inventory, sales, and all purchases in real time. The access to data and status dashboard allow customers to follow their projects from beginning to end and guarantee quality and time standards are met.

BonealNet Modules

Boneal uses BonealNet to work with suppliers to streamline logistics and operations in order to reduce project time and overall costs.

The pre-production portion of BonealNet thoroughly analyzes and organizes projects to ensure their success.

During the program execution, BonealNet links with BonAero’s ERP system to update project data and provide feedback.


BonealNet allows customers to access real-time data regarding their projects and directly message their Boneal project leader.

Putting BonealNet to use

In addition to the BonealNet suite, Boneal’s team has accumulated years of experience and industry expertise. Our team is able to use this software to provide unique, custom solutions that other firms cannot deliver. Our supply chain, manufacturing, & logistics system can take your firm to new heights.

How can BonealNet serve your supply chain?