Ground Support Equipment

Air Force


The Robin’s USAF base serves as an air logistics center (ALC) for a diverse set of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to maintain aircraft readiness across the globe. To maintain maximum readiness, new GSE is ordered annually and outdated GSE is replaced. All services & branches of the government source GSE through this ALC; all airframes are supported.


Contracting officers at the Robin’s USAF base need to execute Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) orders of GSE which require:

  • Delivery to over 380 USAF and FMS locations
  • Management of 4500+ NSNs
  • Controlled handling of government drawings & contract details
  • Refreshed & maintained pricing on an annual basis without a guarantee to buy


Boneal first entered a Third-Party Logistics contract to provide Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Program Management, Obsolescence Management, and Order Fulfillment Services for Ground Support Equipment orders through the Robin’s USAF base. With this contract, Boneal Aerospace supports all USAF & FMS locations worldwide on behalf of the Air Force for its awarded portion of the annual catalog.


Results for USAF:

  • Huge reduction in acquisition lead time (ALT) by >100 days
  • Improved production lead time (PLT) average of 48 days per line item
  • Mitigated obsolescence by recreating lost supply chains
  • Lowered total costs to USAF