See How We Make Complexity Simple

Boneal’s straightforward supply chain, manufacturing, & full-service logistics services combine cutting-edge technology and key interactions with Boneal’s team to satisfy all of its customer’s project’s needs and allow you to keep autonomy of how your project pans out.

Staying Connected

Our model, based on a blend of technology and personal engagement, responds effectively to organizational initiatives. Key information signals play a critical role in the successful value chain of key interactions. These include product and data deliverables, visibility of quality, inventory updates, and import statues. Furthermore, Boneal leverages EDI transactions and information for improved efficiency. This top-tier software allows Boneal’s team to provide detailed context for industry specific requirements, as well as supplier context for high value interactions.

Boneal works hands on with individual customer roles to develop a thorough project scope. Our matching engine finds and creates customized supply chains based on project-specific forecasts and project objectives. Boneal’s team provides key interactions with its clients to review these supply chains and ensure it achieves the project’s goals. If our services could help you, tell us about your next project!