Spares & Repairs



The United States Postal Service heavily relies on having near 100% uptime of their mail automation equipment for letter, flat, and parcel sorting machinery. Consequently, having readily available spare and repair parts for this equipment is crucial for USPS operations in every region, city, & state of the United States.


The USPS requires a supply base that

  • Supports the annual demand of spare & repair products needed to support the USPS mail delivery operations across the United States
  • Ensures all products are built to OEM tech data and certified to USPS requirements


Boneal entered a contract with the USPS that ensured a stable, long-term, and pre-qualified supply of automation spare and repair equipment. Boneal focuses on quality systems, manufacturing methods, & first-class program management becoming the nation’s leading supplier of Spares & Repair products to the USPS.

  • Supply Chain Development & Procurement
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, & Testing
  • Program Management
  • Order Fulfillment & Logistics


USPS experienced:

  • Increased mail throughput of automated mail sorting systems due to improved machine uptimes
  • Single-point purchasing channel & reduction in administrative time
  • Strong supplier support through Boneal since 1998
  • Supported annual demand of 2 million spare & repair products including 900+ total NSNs